2010 - 2011 Schedule Posted

Hi everyone...

Although we had a lot of rain during the garden tours, many people braved the weather to visit the plants!

The schedule for the coming year has been added to the side menu of this web page.  All meetings are going to be held at the new Prospect Recreation Community Centre this year.  This page will be updated with topics and guest speakers as those details are organized.

We look forward to an exciting new year in our new space... hope to see you there!

Val :)

Come Tour Our Gardens!

JULY 11th (Sunday)  11:00 am - 5:00 pm
( Admissions are FREE, but we do accept donations to the food bank on site. )

Wendy MacDonald
30 Cathy Road, Brookside (take Brookside, left onto Mitchell, right onto Cathy) 852-4506
Visit a yard full of gardens in every stage of development from new to mature.  This yard includes huge and baby perennials, growing veggies,  and robust herb gardens. Wendy also has a recently started Native American Medicine Wheel garden!  Come see this busy space!

Valerie Wilson
226 Irisweg Drive, Brookside (take Brookside, left onto Mitchell, right onto Cathy and left onto Irisweg) 852-3973
This property is lovingly referred to as a wild-scape in progress. Bucking the traditional gardener's decorum, Valerie leans more toward letting mother nature do her thing and then making use of it! Join Valerie for a cup of herbal sun tea and wander through fields of horsetail, drifts of red clover and sweet clover, waving daisies, clumps of oregano, a row of pin cherry trees and perennials tucked in here there and everywhere. If you look closely, you'll also find a short rustic path leading to the edge of McGrath Lake. (Please park on the street)

Margaret and Alan Sagar
1877 Lower Prospect Road, Terence Bay. 852-4628
(Past Star of the Sea Church and cemetery, first right at bottom of the little hill where the inlet comes to the road. We are on Back Bay.)
I didn't want our new house which replaced our cottage to be plopped in the middle of suburban lawn. So come and see how our still young garden wraps round our house in the midst of the wild. Slate patio and path, large deck, rock garden, flowers and veggies struggling to survive in a very windy spot, fighting the horsetail grass, and coltsfoot!! (Garden is more work than lawn!)

Freeman Dryden & John Speagle
12 Hunters Hill, Terence Bay
(Prospect Rd. to Terence Bay Rd. to Sandy Cove Rd. about 2 blocks in on the right side)
Beginners' Garden - come and see what you can do in 1 year; from blackberry & rugosa bushes, rocks, & weedy grass to flower beds and a pond? Veggies too!!

Nicole Dearman
224 Brennan’s Road (Prospect Rd.  on to Prospect Bay Rd., right on Brennan’s Rd.) 850-2062
No greenhouse or lights in the basement? No problem!! See a garden grown mostly from seeds sown in winter outside , including Hostas, Astilbes, Blue Poppies, and oddities. This property had no gardens and no shrubs in 2001 but now increasingly caters to butterflies every year. I have been raising Monarchs for 4 years. :O)

Marg & Joe Power
580 Prospect Bay Road
Gardens by the Bay” – This is a working garden on a two-acre property bordering Prospect Bay. There are a variety of garden areas surrounding the house and bordering the water that contain perennials and various flowering shrubs. Annuals, such as impatiens and petunias are used to add colour throughout the garden season.   “Gardening hurts nice … housework just plain hurts.” Come for a stroll in our gardens and along the water’s edge. We welcome you.