Wed. Oct. 27 Features Dahlias

Photo by Sel
At our next meeting on Wednesday, October 27, we will be featuring Bill Mercier from Shad Bay. He will be speaking about Dahlias and actually bringing tubers to show us how to divide them and store them for winter as well as speak about growing them when the snow stops to fly. Bill has been growing Dahlias for some time and obviously knows Dahlias quite well. I know this since he identified all the Dahlias I brought in a vase at the last meeting and even taught me a couple of things about their 'form'. :O) 

Photo by Eric
For those who have Dahlias, Bill advises that now would be a good time to get ready to take the tubers out of the ground. In a phone conversation this morning, he advised to simply cut them back to a foot from the ground, leave them for a week, then dig them up. I will be doing as such starting this weekend. After digging, clean them off with a hard hose spray, let them dry a bit, and if you wish to divide them after Bill's presentation, simply keep them in a dry cool place. 

Photo by Nicole Dearman
Dahlias are great in the gardens, especially as 'fillers' and for late season blooms which we all yearn for! 

Take photos of your Dahlias and lets do a Dahlia tuber Swap in the spring!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!