Wed. Feb. 23rd
Hands-On Workshop: Winter Sowing

Recycle into mini-greenhouses!
Hi everyone!

We're hoping the weather will hold out so that we can have a full house at our next meeting.  Instead of just a guest speaker, we're going to dig in some dirt for a while as Wendy and Valerie guide us through some winter sowing.

Winter sowing at work!
We will be making our own mini greenhouses planted with some seeds to set outside now.

Once Spring hits, they'll grow where they sit and then we can plant them directly into the ground without hardening them off!

Exciting results!
This approach is a nice way to fill in your gardens quickly as these plants have a great head start and grow into gorgeous clumps.

What To Bring

Please bring a few supplies for this workshop:
  • One or two of the following containers to convert to mini-greenhouses:
    • 2L pop bottle
    • 1L plastic ice cream container with plastic lid
    • 1L plastic yogurt container with plastic lid
    • 2L or 4L plastic translucent milk or water container
  • Strong scissors (like kitchen scissors)
  • An exacto knife or carpet knife or cheap old paring knife
  • A Lee Valley garden marker (if you have one)
  • Seeds you wish to plant (or share)
We will be providing soil and water; mother nature will be providing the weather!

As always, we will have a box for donations to our local community food bank at St. Timothy's.

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