Wed. Mar. 23rd
Collect Perennial Orders &
Bringing Birds To The Garden

Hi everyone!

Have you been out in your yards looking for signs of spring?  What did you find?  Anyone seen a robin yet?  Wendy saw a caterpillar!

If you haven't already downloaded your copy of the perennial order form, it's in the sidebar here on this page.  Feel free to share it with friends and family.  Every plant sold helps raise funds to cover our costs, so spread the word! :)  We will be collecting the order forms at this meeting on Wednesday, March 23.

Redpole by Clarity on Flickr
Our guest speaker is going to be Clarence Stevens.  He will be talking about attracting birds to your yard and some of the benefits that can have for your plants.  I can't wait to hear his tips and tricks!  Love having all of the little finches and such in the yard!

As always, we will have a box for donations to our local community food bank at St. Timothy's.

Hope to see you there!

NS Association of Garden Clubs

The Scotia Gardener 
March greetings!

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The NSAGC publishes The Scotia Gardener quarterly.  You may view back issues on their site under What's New or check out the current issue in our sidebar.

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