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Landscape Design Courses

Are on the edge of your seat, looking for a sign of spring?

Well, we can help you out. Helping Nature Heal Inc. is offering a spring session of Sustainable Landscape Design. These courses will help you to understand what it means to adopt an ecosystem approach, learn to analyze your site, and develop a meaningful, productive connection with your landscape.

For more information or to pre-register, contact Rosmarie at (902)543-7416 or

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Sustainable Landscape Design 1
April 8th- May 13th (6 Monday Evenings)
6:30-9 pm
$125+ HST
Did you know that Rosmarie Lohnes has been teaching this popular 6 week course for over 10 years?! This interactive series walks participants through the landscape design process, from site analysis to detailed conceptual drawings. This is your chance to develop your vision for your property with a professional sustainable landscaper. Course fee includes in-class designing materials.

Sustainable Landscape Design 2
April 9th-May 14th (6 Tuesday Evenings)
6 :30- 9pm
$150+ HST (art materials and Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendar included)
SLD 2 focuses on helping you find the soul in your landscape. This experiential workshop will deepen the artistic and spiritual aspects of the vision you have for your property; come prepared to work with clay models and paint, collage and write. Although SLD 2 is designed to build on the technical information and maps that participants create in SLD 1, SLD 1 is not a prerequisite.

Sustainable Landscaping 3
April 10th- May 1st (4 Wednesday Evenings)
$100 + HST (includes a Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendar)
Your landscape has matured: what now?!  Building your landscape can be a labour of love; once it’s finished, it’s easy to lose touch. Rosmarie will lead you through a series of thoughtful topics that will reinvigorate your relationship with your landscape and help you to rejuvenate your overgrown shrubs and trees.  You will also learn to organize your tasks and make decisions based on the Biodynamic Calendar.

Roses as Hedges, Garden Gloves, A Passion for Heathers

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  March 20, 2013
Volume 1 No. 6
Roses as Hedges from Everyday Roses
by Paul Zimmerman

Spring is almost here, and what better way to get ready for the season than to dive into a great new garden read? Everyday Roses by Paul Zimmerman is chock-full of creative ideas and stunning photography.  Read More...
Garden Gloves:
More Than Just a Fashion Accessory 
By Michele Moore

Gardeners are starting to feel it in the air.  Spring is coming and with it the gardening season will start.  When you walk into your local garden center in the next month your eyes will surely be caught by the "Glove Rack". Read More...
A Passion for Heathers Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees; Ellen Norris planted heathers, thousands of them throughout Vancouver Island and beyond. Her passion inspired countless others to plant these wonderful low-maintenance perennials and instructed them on their care. Read More...

Soapstone Heating Systems Inc

Our Mar.27 Guest & Request for Volunteers

Our very own, Ed Glanville!!

Spend the evening with Ed and
discover the wonderful hidden treasures of

High Head
An Ocean Walk from Prospect Village
with orchids, symbiotic fungi
and carnivorous plants!!


Wed. Mar. 27

We also need your help, please!!!

Volunteers Needed
If you are willing to suggest and
organize one guest speaker
next year, please email
Valerie at!
(The speaker could even be you!)

Local Food Bank Donations
Bring a non-perishable food item and
support our local food bank
at St. Timothy's!

FYI: Veseys Starter Plants Now Available

Limited supply - Order now to avoid disappointment 
Dear Fellow Gardener,
Veseys famous vegetable, herb and flower varieties are now available as pre-started, ready-to-transplant Starter Plants! We have perfected our packaging and shipment of these pre-grown plants and are certain that you will find that they make gardening so easy!

Orders for these Starter Plants must be received no later than April 5th. These plants will be shipped around the beginning of May in specially designed packaging so they arrive ready to be transplanted into your favourite window box or container and grown inside until after your last frost date.
You can choose from our favourite Tomato, Pepper or Herb varieties, as well as a stunning line of annual flowers that are specially selected to help you design beautiful containers that will perform all season long. Ground Cherries  are very sweet and taste a bit like pineapples. They can be used in preserves, pies or over ice cream, but here at Veseys we love to eat them raw! New this year - Eggplant transplants!

Lillooet, Growing Potatoes in Containers and Gardening Shows Galore!

Note the article by Niki Jabbour!

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  March 5, 2013
Volume 1 No. 5
The Little Town
That Could

Set against BC's Coast Mountains and overlooking the Fraser River, Lillooet gardeners are in gardening heaven... Read More
Growing Potatoes
in Containers

By Niki Jabbour

It seems that every gardener I meet has a story about growing potatoes in some sort of container. Surprisingly, it is rather easy... Read More
Garden Shows Galore

'Tis the season to get inspired! The grey days of winter are on their way out, and garden show season is here. While it's still too soon for most of us to dig our spades into the soil, it's never too early to start planning... Read More

Tipsy Q
Having read the Vol 27 No 02 March 2013 issue of Gardens West, I am interested on more info about the "Tipsy Pots" that Salli Rice wrote about in Talkback.
Betty B.
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