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How to Get the Most Out of Your Orchids
- Spray the leaves with water once a week to mimic a humid atmosphere. - Don't water more than once a week and never leave the bottom of the pot sitting in water. - Avoid putting the plant near an outside door where drafts could be an issue...
Care For Your Tropical Plant
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Winter Lawn Care Dos and Don'ts
DO: - Allow for proper drainage - Protect your lawn with mulch - Store equipment and seed properly
DON'T: - Mow after the first frost - Fertilize dormant grass - Walk on snow-covered or frozen grass

Thank You, Alison!!!

Wasn't Alison AMAZING last night!?!  WOW, what a wealth of knowledge she has to share!  She wanted me to remind you to drop by Halifax Seed any time!  She loves answering questions and helping solve garden dilemmas!

Thank you, Alison!!
We had a blast!

Meeting Wed. Oct. 26th

Welcome Alison!
This week, we will be welcoming Alison from Halifax Seed! Allison has agreed to share information on fall veggie gardening extracted from her longer workshop offered through Halifax Seed. She has so much information to share; it promises to be an interesting night!

If you have not yet had a chance to register, we will have registration forms on hand. The cost is $20 for the year or $30 for couples.

It stays local!
We will once again be collecting for the local food bank at each meeting, so please bring along a food item for the donation box - every bit helps!

We will also have an opportunity to share announcements so feel free to speak up and let us know about any interesting local news you would like to share.

Hope to see you there,
Val :)

Your Seasonal Gardening Guide: Fall 2011

Seasonal Gardening Guide - Spring 2009 banner

Get Gardening and Grow Wild!  Autumn 2011

This fall we're launching 'Part 1' of our wildlife gardening e-newsletter's fresh new feel. With a new name and a new look on the horizon, we hope you'll enjoy these new features, with more on the way for next season. In the meantime, we're also busy improving the website with more images, easier flow and getting all remaining pages translated, to make your wildlife gardening experience as enjoyable and as easy as possible! 

Plant Profile

New England Aster 
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae. This native of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec blooms from late summer to early or mid-autumn. Its nectar and pollen feed pollinators while its seeds are winter nourishment for birds and mammals.

Read more about this and other great plants in ourNative Plant Encyclopedia »

Over the Garden Fence

B.C. Backyard Oasis
Meet Maureen Raymond. She turned her small suburban garden in Chilliwack, B.C. into a wildlife-friendly space, with carefully chosen native plants and ecological gardening practices.

Backyard Habitat 'How To'

Cover Up!
This issue, find out why mulch is good for both your garden and wildlife, and how to make mulching easy at home. Reprinted from the July/August 2011 issue of Canadian Wildlife magazine.

Fun Stuff

Wild Wallpaper
Download this season's wallpaper to brighten your desktop! This little northern saw-whet owl can be found from coast to coast in Canada. Attract them to your garden with evergreen trees. 

Check out our other free wallpapers »

Gardening Calendar

Things to do in Autumn
Clean your gardening tools to help them last longer and be ready for next year. 
After the first frost, mulch any plants that are frost sensitive with leaves, compost or straw. This helps them withstand the upcoming freeze/thaw cycles that can stress roots. 
Leave seedheads on perennial plants as food for birds and mammals.

Ask the Expert

Q : How do I help migrating wildlife?
A : Provide natural habitat so they have space to rest and feed. This helps them prepare for and endure their long journey. It also gives them what they need to survive when they return. Consider trees, shrubs and late-blooming regionally native plants as well as early spring bloomers.

What's New @ CWF

What's New with WAG
WildAboutGardening.org's Native Plant Encyclopedia has a new look and smarter search engine. We're busy uploading images and new entries plus translating it all into French. It'll help you choose the best plants for your garden or identify a mystery plant you've discovered. Go »
The Amazing Turtle Migration
Want to help the leatherback? Vote for CWF's project, The Amazing Turtle Migration, and we could win $100,000 for leatherback research! Vote »
CWF Magazine
Canadian Wildlife magazine: an exclusive photo essay on the mysteries of wolf-coyote hybrids, an investigative feature story on Canada's endangered bluefin tuna fishery, a profile on Quebec actor Roy Dupuis' conservation campaign and much, much more. Check out WildlifeMagazine.ca for exclusive content and previews.
WILD magazine
A special Moose and Weasel forest fun pack in honour of National Forest Week, Canada's migration champions and a peek inside the tiny world of pygmy species, plus the Wild Bunch, and WILD's regular game and jokes—it's all in the September/October issue ofWILD! Subscribe »
Your Big Backyard
Animals on the move, baby animals, plus all the regular fun, interactive games—it's all in the September issue of Your Big Backyard. Subscribe »

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