Wed. Feb. 25 - Meeting Canceled

The rec center is closed so tonight's meeting is officially canceled. With the weather we have been having, I do not think we will try to re-schedule it for this month, but perhaps for our May meeting if Heidi is available. I had a few announcements to share tonight so I'll post them here and on our Facebook Group once I pull them together. Stay safe and warm and we'll see you in March!

Wed. Feb. 25
Heidi Boutilier & Seed/Book/Magazine Swap

We support our local food bank by collecting donations at each of our meetings!

Wednesday, Feb. 285, 2015


Swap Night &
Heidi Boutilier

It's a fun-filled evening!

7:00pm - 7:30pm
Bring along any seeds, books, magazines or other garden-related items that need a new home! Anything goes! It's a great time of year to try some winter sowing!

7:30pm - 9:00pm
Guest speaker, Heidi Boutilier, talks about year-round landscaping and how to create interest throughout every season. Do some garden planning with your winter sowing efforts!

Have faith, Spring is coming!!
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