Saturday, May 28, 9am - 12pm
Beautify Lover's Cove Park

Come plant a memory!
The Brookside Community Homeowner's Association cordially invites you to help beautify a local park!

On Saturday, May 28th at 9am, the BCHA is encouraging community members to plant a memory at Lover's Cove Park on Cathy Road in Brookside.

You can participate in any number of ways:
  • bring a trowel or shovel and help with planting
  • bring a piece of a plant you have divided from your yard
  • bring a shovel and help build the new garden bed
  • bring seeds or plants naturalize along the path to the lake
  • bring your knowledge and enthusiasm and help organize
  • bring a memory to fill this park with joy
This is a family event and everyone is welcome!
Please invite your family, friends and neighbors!

If it's pouring rain on the 28th, this event will be held on
Sunday, May 29th at 9am.

Hope to see you there!
Val :)

Thank You Everyone!

What a fantastic social!!  Thank you again to everyone who contributed to a wonderful evening!!

There were a couple of things found during clean up - they have been added to the Lost and Found List at the left.

I will be updating our calendar with our three garden tour dates we selected for this summer and will soon be sending out a poster that you can forward, print or share!  All details to be posted here on our site.

This has been a busy winter planning for our even busier summer!  Here's wishing you all great gardening weather!!

Kind regards,
Val :)
PS: Hope to see you on Saturday, May 28th at 9am at the park on Cathy Road!  Click here for more details!

Wed. May 25th
Garden Club Social at PRCC

Our social is just around the corner!!!  Joan Jandron is going to be our contact for coordinating the event (thanks so much, Joan!)

We would like to encourage everyone to save the environment by bringing your travel mug for tea/coffee, please (don't panic if you don't have one! :)

Here is a list indicating what we'll need for the social.  Please click here to email Joan a little note indicating what you are planning on bringing for the social so she can arrange to fill in any of the gaps.
  • napkins - Gisele
  • softdrinks - John and Freeman
  • coffee
  • tea - 2 people bringing tea
  • milk - Joan
  • blend
  • sugar - Gisele
  • sugar twin - Valerie
  • stir sticks - Valerie
  • paper plates - Valerie
  • sandwiches - Nadia
  • finger food
  • sweets
  • punch - Valerie
  • coffee urn
  • kettle for tea - Nadia
As always, we will have a box for donations to our local community food bank at St. Timothy's.

Hope to see you there!  Feel free to bring a friend!

Plant Sale: Saturday, May 7

The Atlantic Rhododendron and Horticultural Society Plant sale is from 1-3:30 at he the LeMarchant-St Thomas School gym, 6141 Watt St, Halifax on Saturday, May 7