History In The Making

Have you ever visited this wonderful living tribute to Peggy Of The Cove located at 10235 Peggy's Cove Rd., Glen Margaret, NS?

"Peggy of the Cove was the title given to the sole survivor of a shipwreck on Halibut Rock, Nova Scotia, near the famous fishing village, Peggy's Cove. Her story is being developed from legend to reality through song, books, dolls and museum by local author, artist, photographer and storyteller, Ivan Fraser."

Ivan has contacted the PAGC to see if we would be interested in helping him establish his first official garden this summer!  More details to follow!

Check out this eye-catching tourist attraction at peggyofthecove.com and enjoy the beautiful paintings, artwork and landscape surrounding his wonderful stories of Peggy Of The Cove.  What a great Sunday afternoon destination!!

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