Garden Tours and Announcements

Sending a sincere thank you to everyone who has helped make this garden club a smashing success again this year! You have all been so generous with your time, your help, your suggestions and your enthusiasm!!

The fun isn't over yet - now it's time to visit each other
to see the drama of summer unfold in our gardens!

Various Announcements:

Anyone who ordered berries from Bill Mercier can pick them up next Tuesday, May 29.
16 Aaron Avenue, Shad Bay

Please check our web site's 2012 Garden Tour page to see dates and times to visit member gardens.
The first specific date is this Sunday, don't miss out!!
Can we visit you too?
Just send a note to
We'll contact you for details.
This page will keep growing!!

Our site has a calendar of Upcoming Events.
All kinds of gardening events are coming up now!!
Please send any calendar additions
to Valerie at

Dont' forget, we have a Facebook Group!!
There is always a link to it in the site's menu.
It's a great place to stay connected,
share pics and make announcements.


Wishing you sunny skies and rain as needed!


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