FYI: Atlantic Rhododendron & Hort. Soc. 2013 Seed Exchange

As of Feb 4, 2013, the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Soc. Seed Exchange is open to the public. Orders will be received until March 31, 2013.
The online list contains ordering information, order form and quite a lot of resource information. The list will be updated frequently to reflect any seed lots which become unavailable.
Our 2013 list represents an interesting array of rhododendron, azalea and companion plant seeds. Gardening aficionados may welcome the opportunity to obtain some of the samples.
Could you please share this note with Rhododendron Society and/or Garden Clubs of your acquaintance.
I am happy to give more information to anyone interested. I can accept email orders initially, but do require receipt of the order form to finish the order.
email requests to
Many thanks

Seed Exchange Chair
The Willow Garden, Antigonish

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