Landscape Design Courses

Are on the edge of your seat, looking for a sign of spring?

Well, we can help you out. Helping Nature Heal Inc. is offering a spring session of Sustainable Landscape Design. These courses will help you to understand what it means to adopt an ecosystem approach, learn to analyze your site, and develop a meaningful, productive connection with your landscape.

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Sustainable Landscape Design 1
April 8th- May 13th (6 Monday Evenings)
6:30-9 pm
$125+ HST
Did you know that Rosmarie Lohnes has been teaching this popular 6 week course for over 10 years?! This interactive series walks participants through the landscape design process, from site analysis to detailed conceptual drawings. This is your chance to develop your vision for your property with a professional sustainable landscaper. Course fee includes in-class designing materials.

Sustainable Landscape Design 2
April 9th-May 14th (6 Tuesday Evenings)
6 :30- 9pm
$150+ HST (art materials and Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendar included)
SLD 2 focuses on helping you find the soul in your landscape. This experiential workshop will deepen the artistic and spiritual aspects of the vision you have for your property; come prepared to work with clay models and paint, collage and write. Although SLD 2 is designed to build on the technical information and maps that participants create in SLD 1, SLD 1 is not a prerequisite.

Sustainable Landscaping 3
April 10th- May 1st (4 Wednesday Evenings)
$100 + HST (includes a Stella Natura Biodynamic Calendar)
Your landscape has matured: what now?!  Building your landscape can be a labour of love; once it’s finished, it’s easy to lose touch. Rosmarie will lead you through a series of thoughtful topics that will reinvigorate your relationship with your landscape and help you to rejuvenate your overgrown shrubs and trees.  You will also learn to organize your tasks and make decisions based on the Biodynamic Calendar.

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