FREE Mini Course: Harvesting plants, Medicine Making and Plant ID - a tutorial

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My friend Juliet Blankespoor is at it again! 

You may remember that a few months ago Juliet and the Chestnut School of Herbalism offered an online medicine making course. They also had a fantastic video on making super strong elderberry syrup that they released so that everyone could watch it for free (I know lots of you watched it!). 

Now, Juliet is going to release a free online herbal mini-course! In this course you'll explore wild foods foraging, herbal medicine making, and a bit of juicy herbal botany to boot. 

IMPORTANT: While this course is free, you have to enroll by March 22nd to be able to take it. 

This free class runs March 23rd through March 31st, and is self-paced, so you can access the videos, audio, and written lessons when it's convenient! The audio and printable lessons are yours to keep so you can revisit the material year after year. Knowing Juliet, I have no doubt this course will be visually stunning with lots of important (and fun) information. 

Why are they offering a free course? 

This free mini-course is a preview of a larger course that Juliet and the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine are about to release. If you like this sneak-peak, you may be interested in their whole course. However, by signing up for this mini-course you aren't obligated to do anything else. 

I do want to let you know that if you do end up taking Juliet's course and you use my affiliate links to sign up (the links in this email), I am going to be offering a really awesome bonus. I'll have more on that later. 

My friends at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine are excited about spreading their enthusiasm for medicinal plants! It's boldly empowering to know how to go out your back door and find the medicine you need. And there's a deep satisfaction in knowing how to pick vibrant wild edibles for your family's nourishment. With this course you'll learn about connecting with your own sustenance and the living world around you—that's priceless! 

Enroll now! Class starts on March 23rd. 

Have a beautiful day, 

The free course is an introduction to the fields of foraging, botany and medicine making. You can use the course as a jumping off point to the wide world of herbal resources—there are links to free web resources, including articles and videos. You'll have access to their favorite books and teachers for each subject covered. And you'll connect with thousands of herbalists and foragers from across the globe!

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