Inspiration Meeting: Wed. Mar. 28

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It's the time of year when we can smell the earth thawing so we dig out our gloves and go in search of signs of Spring in our gardens!  We're getting our ideas together for the season and gathering inspiration for the gardening months ahead as everything turns green again.

To help kick start your gardening season, we're planning a Garden Inspiration Meeting on Wednesday, March 28th!  This meeting will be all about our members, sharing, learning and getting the inside scoop with HOT gardening tips from each other!

Sooooooo.... for this meeting, we are asking everyone to dig around in your gardening stash and find your favorite garden-related item!!  Anything goes, everything qualifies! We would like you to dust it off, bring it to our meeting and tell us in 2 minutes or less why it's your favorite and you just couldn't imagine living without it!

What'll it be?  Your favorite:

  • rubber boots
  • watering can
  • shovel
  • bird bath
  • garden reference
  • insect repellant

  • planter
  • fertilizer
  • deer repellant
  • knee pads
  • garden decor
  • weed eater

  • garden rake
  • plant tags
  • tool kit
  • garden cart
  • composter
  • feeder

I bet some of you will know instantly what you need to show us!  I bet some of you are wondering which of your many favorites to choose!  If it's something not easily transported, just bring us a picture of it!  I can't wait to see what everyone brings - and I can't wait to hear why!

We will once again be collecting for the local food bank, so please bring along a food item for the donation box - every bit helps!

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